My Earl Grey Funpack from Distinctly Tea

Good evening!

Tonight I thought I would my thoughts on my Earl Grey fun pack that I purchased from Distinctly Tea at the Toronto Tea Festival. I had been stoked to try it, but then I got sick. But no worries, I am better now, and five teas later, I will share you guys my thoughts on them. So when I saw it at the tea festival, I thought, hey, this has my name on it! I HAD to get it. It was just sitting there. So I decided to try it out, and it was for a great price of 9$.


So you may be wondering, what was included in this mysterious fun pack? Well there was five types of earl greys: Earl Grey de la Creme, Fine Earl Grey, Earl Grey Royal, Green and White Earl Grey and lastly, Rooibos Earl Grey.

They each had their own awesomely unique flavour, and each of them I enjoyed, but I will rank them from my favourite to least fave. That way, you can get a sense of which one you would best like.

  1. Earl Grey de la Creme: Ceylon and Assam with a hint of vanilla and cream. This one won me over since I took a whiff of the leaves. This is why it is number one. Not only does it smell great, it also tastes wonderful. Who can complain with a great tasting and great smelling tea? IMG_8389

Dry leaf: Black leaves with vanilla and creme. Very creamy smell, nice and sweet.

Steep: Strong musky scent. There is a light taste, sort of sweet. The water is an amber/brown colour. IMG_8390

2. Earl Grey Royal: Blend of Assam, Ceylon and Nilgiri teas. Full-bodied, intense and pleasant with oil of bergamot. This one is in second place becuase it also had a nice smell.


Dry leaf: Black tea leaves, good aroma, very earl-greyish.


Steep: nice colour- light amber/brown. Good smell, and has a nice sweet and light flavour.


3. Earl Grey Supreme: Proprietary blend of Chinese green and white teas, calendula, cornflower petals, natural oil of bergamot cream flavour. This one was a nice twist on the classic earl grey. Kind of reminds me of the countess of seville, the story of earl grey wooing a green tea.


Dry leaf: mixed colors, very pleasing to the eye. yellow, green and purple. Not only is it visually appealing, it is also scent-approved by me. It is a good, flowery smell.

Steeped: More of a flowery scent. The colour is light, a nice yellow/green tint.


4. Fine Earl Grey: Blend of Assam, Ceylon and Nilgiri teas. Full-bodied, intense and pleasant with oil of bergamot.


Dry leaf: nice black leaves, it has a seductive earl grey scent.


Steep: nice dark colour. A good, solid taste for an earl grey.


5. Red Earl Grey: red rooibos, natural oil of bergamot flavour.


Dry leaf: Rooibos leaves, good scent of rooibos tea.


Steep: Colour is that of a normal rooibos. Has a real taste of earl grey. Subtle rooibos taste. It is an interesting harmony. I would have to steep this one again in order to get a good grasp of this tea.


So  I hope that you are interested in trying at least one of these teas. Distinctly tea has a website where you can view all of their teas. They also have a stores in Stratford and Waterloo. I have not visited any of these locations, as I just encountered their booth at the Tea Festival. But if you guys live around there, check it out  and let me know how it looks.

Happy tea drinking!




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