Blogger of the month: March

Hello hello !

Happy Monday afternoon/evening!

So this is a new thing that I am doing, having a blogger of the month. Basically, each month, I am going to feature a blogger that I think is worthy of mentioning. So this month, I thought that Oolong Owl, was way more than just worth it!


If you love tea like I do, then just go onto her blog and hit follow, really, she has an amazing blog that is just great to read. There is always a tea review that is up and ready to read. I find that with the tea reviews, Oolong Owl provides such great tasting notes, that it is like you are drinking the tea along with her. I just love the variety of teas from all different companies that she writes about.

My fave posts from Oolong Owl:

  1. S’mores Genmaicha from 52 Teas : So I love gemaicha, and to see  it played with is amazing:) Check out this awesome chocola-tea post that will make your mouth water. 
  2. Blooming Glass teapot from David’s Tea: This one was cool becuase I am thinking of getting this teapot, so to know how it works and all is great.
  3. Gyokuro Kin from Den’s tea: Nice to read up on Gyokuro tea, I am trying to expand my horizons in aspects of this tea.
  4. Earl Grey Heaven from Persimmon Tree: Well, with earl grey in the title, she got me. I just LOVE earl grey, and so I automatically love this post.
  5. Green Tea leaf recipe: I have yet to try it, but it is such a cool idea to do more than just drinking tea. I am always up to new things to do with tea.
  6. Buying Teas on a budget : If you are like me, this blog post will serve as comic ( due to my spending habits on tea) and as a phew, I’m not the only one. This post is extremely helpful for anyone ( like me), who spends alot on tea.

Of course, Oolong Owl has more posts, and each of them are amazing, think of this as just a tasting menu before diving right into this amazing blog. It is really evident that Oolong Owl puts her heart and soul into this blog, and deserves the recognition for this amazingness. So, I am not forcing anyone to follow her blog, but all it really takes is to read one post and you will be hooked.

Oolong Owl also has a Facebook page that will keep you updated with her latest blog posts! Also, you can follow Oolong Owl on Twitter!

Stay tuned for more awesome blogs, and for next month’s blogger of the month




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