St. Patrick`s Day!

Hello hello !

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!!! I hope everyone had and is having a great day!! Today just felt so upbeat and fun, and above all, relaxing. I thought today would be the perfect day to unwind and just enjoy some time with the family. I have lately been just so busy, so I`ve been like a ghost on here, so there hasn’t been much activity, but I promise to post some stuff this week. So today was fun becuase I made my mo-tea-tos, which you can find the recipe here.IMG_8454

I still used the tequila becuase I yet again didn’t have rum with me, but it tasted awesome all the same. The one thing I did to be festive was put a drop of green food colouring into the drink. a drop really is all you need, trust me. It was a hit with my family, we all enjoyed it very well.


Aside from that, my hubby-to-be and I went over to David’s Tea wearing green to get a glass of free tea.

67319_10151476375782910_1114741709_nWe both got glasses of the Green and Fruity, since we didn’t really like the taste of the North African Mint. So that was a blast, who doesn’t like free tea? It was really awesome for David’s Tea to do that, I was impressed.

Speaking of tea, I wanted to share the list of green teas that I have in my collection, so here’s to making a glass of green tea on this awesome day!

  • Green seduction (David’s Tea) 
  • Countess of Seville (David’s Tea)
  • DayDreamer: This is a newbie in my collection. I decided to have it today, was pretty yummy!
  • Dragon Pearls ( David’s Tea)
  • Dragon Pearls ( Teopia)
  • Dragon Pearls ( Camellia Sinensis)
  • Genmaicha ( Kusmi)
  • Genmaicha ( David’s Tea)
  • Genmaicha (From my friend)
  • Gyokuro Ashai (Kusmi)
  • Jasmine green tea (Kusmi)
  • Lime Gelato (David’s Tea)
  • Silk Dragon Jasmine ( David’s Tea)
  • Hojicha ( Dobra Tea)

I just love this day becuase my fave colour is green! My room is green ( well one wall is painted green), I have this awesome green lamp from Ikea ( I just love it so much), and green just makes me happy. Also 2/3 of my beloved teapots are green. So I hope everyone continues having a great St. Patrick’s Day, and stay tuned for a week of posts.






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