Mad For Mango

Hello Bloggers and friends!

So I know I have been kind of MIA for the last little while here, but I have been just SO busy that blogging kind of got lost. I still have some March feature posts that will be posted this month, and I still have to get April’s newsletter up. I thought a great way to get into the spring spirit was to do a tea review on a *new* tea in my collection. It’s called Mango Madness and I just love it! So get ready for a new tea to try for this spring, whether you like it hot or cold ^.^.

So how did I get acquainted with this awesome tea? Well, one day that I went to David’s Tea I went one of the lovely DT ladies for a recoomendation for an iced tea, you could say I got hit with an early dose of spring-fever in early March. The reccomendation was Mango Madness and I was exicted to try it once I took a whiff of its awesome aroma.

Dry Leaf:

So this is a very visually appealing tea for not only the nose, but also the eyes. The leaves themselves smell fruity with a hint of tart. The  colour comes from all the different ingredients added to this awesome tea like, orange peel, mango bits, safflower and strawberry just to name a few.


Steeped Hot:

So this tea is suprisingly not too tart when steeped, it’s more sweet and fruity than anything else. The smell of tart is still there though, so that’s why I thought it would be more tart taste-wise.



So this is how I drank this tea originally, and I still like it this way too, though I cannot hate it hot either. Mango Madness iced is also quite nice, not overly tart, and again more on the sweet side of things. I really like having this one, its like eating some delish ice cream 🙂






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