Marie Antoinette

Good evening,

So the first tea from Nina’s Tea Paris that I tried was named Marie Antoinette. For a french company to have such a name as this just calls my attention to its amazing quality, after all, this important figure was royalty. And after trying four teas from this company, I would say that it is fit for royalty.

From their website:

Rose petals, apples, rose
A very delicate tea, flavored with apples & rose, with a touch of strongness with ceylon tea basis Apple aroma done with apples coming from King’s Kitchen Garden – Versailles.
Le savoureux NINA’S PARIS
Blood orange, peach, strawberry, cherry,
This tasty blend will fill you with its exquisite fruity flavour. Orange, peach, strawberry and cherry brightened with sunflowers to please all tastes.

My review:



Dry leaf: Black tea leaves with rose petals. It has a strong and full scent, with flowery undertones. When I was smelling this tea, It made me think of popery.


Steeped Hot: The smell again is flowery and still lingers with the popery-esque scent. The water is a nice amber colour. This is a very soothing tea to drink.


Iced: The colour of the water is light, though I think it was due to the ice and the fact that I split the sample in half. The taste is both light and flowery. I should have steeped the whole sample in a pot, like a I did the others, in order to get a proper taste for both the hot and cold.




2 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette

    • I would have to say that each one was unqiue in its own flavour and there was something that attracted me to each. I really enjoyed je t’aime with the smooth texture and taste. What I like is that none of the teas were a dissappointment. What’s your fave?

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