Nina’s Tea Paris

Hello and happy April!

Though the month is approaching the end, it is indeed still April. I have been so busy with finishing up studies and drinking loads of tea that I have had trouble being present for the blog. The summer looks to be busy, but there will always be time for tea and blogging ^-^. It was also my birthday this month, so that kept me quite busy too. Around the end of March I was reading a post from Oolong Owl about this company called Nina’s Tea Paris. Turns out, she got some free samples from this company and reviewed them on her blog, to see her post on the samples she received, go here. I decided to contact Nina’s Tea and get some samples of my own to share with you guys. I contacted them and they graciously sent me four samples. You could imagine the excitement I went through waiting for these samples. After reading Oolong Owl’s blog, I was just dying to try this tea. I really find it good that this company provides its customers-to-be with samples. I find it hard sometimes to buy a tea without trying it, whether it be an online store or even an actual physical store. Sometimes it’s like gambling money trying new teas, so I really appreciate that Nina’s Tea offers people a sample before committing to a whole bunch of tea you might not even like.


So I received four samples from them, and I will be sharing my thoughts and feelings on these wonderful teas that I was able to try.




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