Good Afternoon!

What’s somethign that I enjoy as much as tea?

That would be bananas, which is what leads this tea review. I have never really tried a banana tea before, but when I saw that it was part of the David’s Tea Spring Collection, I just had to try it out. I also just recently ordered a Banana Oolong, so I cannot wait to try it out. So this tea, as I’ve mentioned is (was) part of the Spring Collection, so unfortuneately it is no longer availiable in store or online.


Dry (Leaf): It was funny to have this note here, because there aren’t really tea “leaves” in this per se, it is more a combination of bananas and berries and etc. So yeah , just a bunch of fruit pieces, I even saw orange peels. The smell is sweet and fruity. You got the banana chip vibe going on when smelling this, which brings me back to when I flew to St. Maarten When I was a kid. They served us plantation chips, and thats what this tea makes me think of. copa2

Steeped: The smell I described was that it was a sweet fruity-ness, the taste of banana was very prevalent. It is a sublte and comforting tea. The colour of the water was light, somethibng to get used to in the spring and summer teas.

Iced: The colour was even lgihter. More banana sweetness to go around. Even though hot wasn’t the worst, I did prefer the iced version.

So this is the first of the spring collection that I will review, so stay tuned. I will also review the summer collection afterwards. Happy end-ish of May!





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