Pom Tango

Good Evening!

So I’ve had yet another busy weekend, but I am managing to spend some time on here. Tonight I am reviewing another tea that was part of the David’s Tea Spring Collection. The good thing? You get to hear about another tea. The Sucky part? unfortunately this tea was so good that it’s no longer available. Naturally, I would be inclined to share, but I only managed to get 25grams for myself. Still, read the review, and you never know, maybe because of its extreme popularity, maybe David’s Tea will bring it back next spring. One can always be hopeful.


Dry Leaf: So this tea actually has leaves, unlike Copabanana. It is black leaves with pomegranate seeds and mango pieces. It has a strong and enticing scent that is citrusy and sweet all in one. And naturally, having mangoes in it attracted me. I am such a mango fiend as of late.mango

It’s a great snack and I create some fun by eating frozen mango bits, so its like having ice cream without all the unnecessary calories.


Steeped: Nice light amber colour. The smell is sweet and citrusy, and so is the taste. Its pretty good hot.


Iced: So take the hot version of this and add super-awesomeness and that’s what you get when you ice it. I mean, don’t take me wrong, it tastes good hot, but iced is the way to go with this one. And since I don’t have vast amounts of this tea, I’ll see to it that I enjoy it iced.


If you happen to have some of this tea, enjoy it. Also, share your thoughts on this tea:)




4 thoughts on “Pom Tango

  1. I got a bag of this tea for my birthday! The first time I tried it I didn’t like it. The second time I tried it I loved it. I never even thought about trying it iced though! What a brilliant idea! I’m going to try that this week! 😀 Glad to meet another David’s Tea fan!

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