2014 Resolutions

Good afternoon fellow tea fans!

I haven’t been all too active these past few months due to being busy with my university studies. I thought it would be fitting for my first blog post of the year to be one about my resolutions that I intend to have for 2014. First off, I will present my list of 2013 tea-solutions and then my list for 2014.

2013 Resolutions

  1. Read books on tea: So, with this resolution, I have been reading some books on tea this past year. I have learned quite a few new things on the subject of tea. 
  2. Try out wulong tea: So I ventured and tried something new.I like Wulong/ oolong teas. I haven had quite the experience with this tea. I think it’s now safe to say that I am in a phase of adoring everything thing oolong.
  3. Try out Pu er teas:I tried this tea and wasn’t the biggest fan of it. I don’t mind the flavored pu ers from David’s Tea, it’s the straight ones that I just cannot stand.
  4. Visit Tealish: This was the only resolution that I was unable to complete. Maybe I’ll have better luck checking out this place this year.
  5. Have a Tea Journal: So I made a tea journal, so I can keep a record of the teas that that I have consumed. I found this experience very fun and will continue this the is year.
  6. Attend the Toronto Tea Festival: This tea festival was extremely fun and enriching. I sadly won’t be able to attend the 2014 tea festival due to being out of town for my studies. I promise to go to the one in 2015.
  7. Try baking with tea: So this past year, I have baked with tea and used tea in cocktails. I will continue to do this in 2014.
  8. Go on tea-ventures: This past year, I have had many fun experiences going on tea-ventures. It really deepens my appreciation for many different cafes and tea companies. I wish to continue pursing these tea-ventures. I want to incorporate tea-ventures into any vacations I go on this year.


2014 resolutions:

Last year, I made some resolutions that concerned tea, or rather tea-solutions. This year, I thought that I would include tea in my resolutions, but also I have some others that are just resolutions. 2014 for me is a big year and therefore I have some big changes that I want to make.

  1. Go herbal with my tea: This year I want to continue consuming all my delicious teas, but I would love to drink more herbal and caffeine-free teas. I have a sensitive stomach, and therefore sometimes I cannot drink regular tea. If I embrace herbal teas, I can drink tea no matter what.
  2. Blog more: I haven’t been the most active on my blog recently, and I would love to fix that. Life can get busy, but I feel that I should at least be able to have 1 blog post a month. I will for sure try to have more, but depending on the time, 1 blog post a month would be a sufficient goal to have.
  3. Read more: even though I’m in school right now, I’d love to designate myself some reading time so that I can read more books this year. I feel that every school year, I lose the passion for reading. I feel like if I forced myself to devote a bit of time every day to read, then I could fall in love with it even when I’m busy.
  4. Go local with tea: even though I like the big name companies like David’s Tea and Kusmi tea ( just to name a few), I am trying to also appreciate local flavour. I have started this already, so I would just like to continue appreciating the local variety.
  5. Baking with tea: just like last year, I want to continue finding ways of incorporating tea into my recipes.
  6. Continue with tea-ventures: this goes hand in hand with my search for local tea companies .
  7. Lose weight and be more healthy: I know this is a generic resolution made by countless people, but this year is very important for me. I will be getting married, and therefore I want to strive to be more healthy by eating good and losing some weight in a healthy manner. With this weight loss, I also strive to reduce my stress with being more healthy.


Best of luck towards your resolutions!




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