Good evening fellow tea fans!

Tonight I thought that it would be fitting that my “first” actual blog post for this year. I want to write a review for one of my Christmas gifts that I received, which is a Timolino travel mug from David’s Tea. My wonderful hubby-to-be got me this wonderful gift. The timolino is a travel mug that keeps your tea warm for hours on end. I love to use this travel mug on a long day of classes. In this review, I will write about the pros and the cons that I have found using this product for about 3 weeks now. Ever since my old fave mug perished in an unfortunate accident when it fell on numerous occasions, eventually breaking into many pieces.  Thus far, I have tried a few mugs that haven’t managed to fit the bill.



-Keeps the tea nice and warm, even when exposed to extreme temperatures

-Aesthetically appealing with color and the sleekness of the travel mug

– Easy to hold

-Leak-proof, I’ve tested this for fun

-The plastic parts are BPA-free

-It holds 16oz of awesome

-Its light in weight, even when full

-There’s a secret compartment to store extra tea leaves

Overall, I think that this is a veritable mug in relation to its many previous contenders. The timolino has many good pros. I have thus far enjoyed using this mug to bring to my classes. It is very useful to use as it is larger than the regular-sized mug, holding 16oz of glorious tea. It is pretty useful to re-fill the mug throughout the day. The mug is BPA-free, which is important for me because I prefer to use products that are safe for my well-being, as I use a travel mug on a daily basis.



– The water temp is too hot to drink from the mug

– If I leave the strainer in while in class, the tea gets too strong

-The lid is sometimes hard to unscrew

Even though I find the water is too hot to consume from the mug itself, I have come up with the strategy to use the timolino as a canteen to hold the hot water. I also now carry a separate cup into which I pour my tea so that I may be able to consume it. It may be somewhat convenient, but I’m not too bothered by it at the moment. My other issue is not at the fault of the product, but my own I guess you could say. This is in regards to when I am in class, I am unable to remove the strainer and therefore the tea sometimes gets a little too strong for my taste. I have opted to choose teas that can still taste good after prolonged steep times.

Overall, I would have to rate this tea mug a 3.5-4/5. If you are interested in purchasing this mug, click here. I hope you have a good evening and happy tea drinking!




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