Blue Cheese Dinners

Good Monday afternoon everyone!

Today is a wet slushy Monday with a snow and rain mix in Toronto and the GTA so be safe out there. I had quite an awesome weekend food-wise so I thought I would share the good eats. So this weekend, there were two dinners that had something in common: blue cheese. For some reason, on Friday evening, I was craving blue cheese, I just didn’t know it quite yet. So for dinner on Friday evening, My hubby-to-be, his family and I all braved the snowy roads to go eat at this place in Oakville ( Lakeshore) called The Works. If you like making your burger a little more fancy than usual, try this place out.

A few tips with this place: come hungry ( the portions are massive, so don’t eat anything before coming to this place. You will be well-fed.), if you are thinking in terms of being economical, order just one pop or none at all, the drinks are bottomless and pop fills you up anyways ( you want to save room for all the delish food you are about to eat), think of sharing, the portions, as I’ve mentioned before, are HUGE…. so if you want to save money and share, you can totally do that.


Really and truly this place has every type of burger to satisfy your gourmet needs. And each burger comes with a side, so you can choose to totally carb out or go the more “healthy” way and order up some veggies. Personally, I choose the sweet potato fries, because those are my weakness. Also, another interesting thing is the bread they use. These are your regular burger buns, they are italian ciabetta buns. That for me was a plus, it offered a unique spin on a regular burger.

What I ordered:

Blues Burger: So just like the name implies, this burger is loaded with blue cheese and paired with double smoked bacon. I thought it would be odd to have blue cheese and bacon together, but it was just so harmonious in terms of flavor. It really exceeded my expectations for this burger when I ordered it.

ImageI was concerned that the blue cheese would’t be a good one, so I did have some reservations about ordering it before I just decided to go with it. Blue cheese can be a hit or a miss for me. And this was a hit for sure. It really took this burger from bleh to WOW. And of course, any burger that has bacon is just extra awesome. And I really think that the ciabetta bun complimented this burger. I couldn’t see a regular bun being with this burger, it would ruin the look and the flavor. The sweet potato fries were great, as are all ( or most) are.


My hubby-to-be ordered a Dead Ringer, which is a bbq smoked brisket with smoky bbq sauce, jack cheese and an onion ring. I tried his out too and I really liked the taste of the sauce. I would order that one the next time I visit this, and there were also other ones that looked quite promising.

So next stop: Saturday Night


On Saturday, I had dinner at home and my mother made this absolutely awesome dish. It was a pasta dish with cubed and stewed beef along with blue cheese. It was a wonderful combination and a different take on just a regular stew. This was awesome, and not only because it had blue cheese, but also because it was just stew, which I`m not the biggest fan of. This weekend wrapped up with my hubby-to-be making an awesome chicken and veggie stir-fry, which featured veggies such as broccoli, zucchini, Chinese cabbage, green peppers, and bean sprouts.Very nice and filling.

Happy eating!


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The Noodle Factory


Located in the heart Chinatown Montreal is a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant that makes their own noodles on-site. Welcome to the noodle factory. If you want some good tasting Chinese food in Montreal, look no further. This cute little place is our new go-to place whenever we go visit the wonderful and beautiful city of Montreal.

My family and I encountered this place by chance when we went shopping in Montreal last summer. We needed some fuel for shopping so we decided to check out where to grab some lunch. We were walking through the Chinese area… and my family love, LOVES Chinese food. So we walked by this place and noticed many  newspaper clippings in the window. We walked up closer to read these newspapers, and noticed that they were reviews for the restaurants. Some were boasting about the home-made noodles. So we decided to give it a try.

The verdict… WE loved it. Just everything there is to die for… or what we’ve tried out so far. Since that first time it has become a go-to spot. I really loved going this year with my boyfriend ( it was before we got engaged, literally the day before)/ fiancé because we tried out some dumplings and some new noodle dishes. I have got to say that these dumplings are just pure heaven in one’s mouth. I was lucky enough to go again this summer, rather recently this August. This time it was with my wonderful family, before shopping we decided to fuel up at The Noodle Factory.

So here it is… I’m going to list my favourite dishes from this fantastical place:


– Shanghai Noodles: I just love this type of noodle. They are the thick fat, udon-style noodles. I just find that they hold flavour in so amazingly. There are many options that they serve it with:beef, vegetables, pork, or chicken. Preferably I like beef with this dish.


-Cantonese Chow Mien: These are the smaller noodles, and I love how they do these ones as well, where you get a cool effect of the noodles being cooked and half cooked. The half cooked ones are crispy and crunchy, whereas the cooked ones are soft. Both are just great.


– General Tao Chicken: If you like fried stuff, look no further. This is just decadent fried chicken in an equally tasty sauce. I just love this dish, and I think my fiancé does too.


-Dumplings: There are so many kinds, I really cannot chose which are my favourite from them.. I think the best option is to just go plenty of times and try them.

So if you are in Montreal, do make a stop here and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.



Restaurant Noodle Factory

1018 St-Urbain, Montréal (Québec) H2Z 1A1

Tel: 514-868-9738

Metro: Place D’Armes – Autobus: 55

Take Care ( and drink tea)



Scrumptious thai food in Milton

Good morning everyone !!!

I decided that today I would write about a new favourite restaurant of my fiancee’s and mine, which we just happened to find completely randomly. About two months ago we went to Milton because I was dying to go to the used bookstore (recycled reading—I shall write a blog about that later on). So we went to the bookstore and it was around lunch time, so we were hungry. we decided to walk along the main street and see if any particular food caught our eye. Two doors down from the bookstore  was a thai restaurant called Thai House Cuisine, so we decided to give it a try since we are thai admirers.

We stayed pretty safe and just ordered  a green curry and a pad thai. Both dishes were tasteful, especially the pad thai. The pad thai was just the right amount of sweet and flavour. The green curry wasn’t too bad, not the best I’ve ever had and certainly not the worst. It was just a green curry.


The second time we went, we had the pad thai and a spicy duck dish. I have got say, I was pretty sceptical ordering the duck dish, but it turned out to be amazing. The spices were just a harmony with the whole dish. and I loved the different meat, it is nice to stray from chicken and beef once in a while and the duck just complemented the whole dish.


There are alternative locations in: Mississauga, Campbellville and Toronto

Here’s the address: