Pumpkin Chai Cupcakes

Good Sunday evening everyone!

This weekend, I was so busy ( yet again) with so much school work, yet I also balanced it all out and made sure I had some fun free time. For my fun free time this weekend, I invited a really good friend of mine over. In order to get ready for this great visit, I thought it would be appropriate to make some cupcakes. The recipe comes from David’s Tea and actually has tea in it. ( Weird eh?)


Here’s the actual recipe so you guys can follow along and make some awesome cupcakes. I honestly thought that they were amazing. I originally got the idea to make these because my cousin made a blog post about it. I have never before made a desert, let alone any food product that contained tea in it. It was quite cool to try it out. It was tasty and smelled really good, so tempting and really hard to resist. So I urge you fellow bloggers to try it out if you like pumpkins or just desert in general. Here’s a few pictures below to show the process of my baking.


Happy baking!


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