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Hello everyone, and good Monday morning to you all. Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me as I went to the National Bridal Show in Mississauga at the International Centre (really really close the airport). It was a similar yet different experience than the Ancaster Wedding Show that I attended just a few weeks ago. One noticeable difference was the size of this show, it was not monstrous like I imagined it would be, but it was significantly bigger than the AWS. The set-up was pretty much the same, I’m sure all the wedding shows have a bunch of booths everywhere, so that wasn’t new to me.

At the NBS ( national bridal show), there was many more samples to try out, though they were mostly wedding cakes. I think I went into a sugar coma with the amount of samples they had. I was so full after the show that I couldn’t even contemplate having dinner until way later last night. I think one tip I would give to brides going to these shows, don’t eat before coming to the show, you get tons of food samples at the booths, and don’t buy lunch… it’s not very tasty anyways. There were some booths that are still on my mind, the ones that made a lasting impression among the sea of vendors.

I think I had some fun trying on more dresses, especially that my sister was with me at this show to see me in them. I think I am really finding my style with what dress I want to have… its becoming more clear the more dresses I try on. Whilst getting ready to try dresses though, I was called up by my fiancé because a reporter from Mississauga News wanted to interview a local couple, and he accepted for both of us. I was pretty stunned by the whole thing, but in a good way. I thought it was pretty cool, and totally not something that would happen to me. If you want to read the article, here is a link:–national-bridal-show-inspires-couples

What was cool at the show was the fashion show, it was great to see the latest style in all things bridal. What I found cool was that the bay also showcased some of their fall fashion for both men and women… it really makes me want to go to the bay and try some fall clothes out. I really liked the sears part of the fashion show too because it was down-to-earth and relateable, very laid back and realistic.

All in all, it was a great show, with lots of stuff to take in. What I brought home was bags of magazines and pamphlets, so now I have to sort through all of it… wish me luck!

Some other shows that I am thinking of attending:

The Ultimate Bridal Show: September 29 @ the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga:

The budget friendly bridal show @ the Brampton Court Yard Marriot:

The total wedding show @ The International Centre in Mississauga:




Trash the dress?

Image Trash the dress is a phenomenon that brides are just currently crazy about. What is trash the dress you may ask?

It is exactly what it sounds like the dress gets trashed. It is a photography session that occurs after the wedding. It usually entails the bride and sometimes the groom destroying their wedding clothes in an extreme photoshoot. Couples usually may do this on a beach and get all messy in the sand an water. There are so many different ways to trash your dress.



These days, when considering all things photography with wedding there is already so much to consider, and now we have trash the dress? Of course photographers will showcase this work to you so that you begin to want it. And now there is this new phenomenon that I just read about in the Toronto Star the other day. There is an even newer type of photography called the “morning after” sessions. So basically these are shots of the couple “after” their nuptial bliss. If you do want to read this article… here’s the link. Pretty funny and interesting:–morning-after-wedding-photos-can-be-tasteful-yet-sensual-says-nyc-photographer-who-began-the-trend

My personal opinion on this type of photography is that it seems nice, but it is just so frivolous. And personally, I am going to be getting married on a budget, so trash the dress and morning after sessions are just not part of that. And also, you have to think, is this really worth it? Am I going to look back at these photographs when I am older and be impressed that I have these.


You also got to think, with the worth of it all? How much is too much? What may seem like fun might turn out tragically, like it did for a bride from Quebec. She was doing a trash the dress session by a river and fell in the water. Because her dress was so heavy, she drowned in it. It is a tragic and socking thing, but definitely puts things into perspective. If you want to read more about this:–quebec-bride-s-tragic-drowning-shines-light-on-trash-the-dress-phenomenon



Wedding-ful of fun part 3

This little black dress is beautiful, fun and flirty.


So here is the third (and final) instalment of the Ancaster Wedding Show coverage. The last two posts discussed photography, food and a bit of fashion. I am going to continue on my talk of fashion sharing my experience of trying on a wedding dress ( or two) for the first time and finish up with the cupcake dive. So as I mentioned last post, I was watching a fashion show and there were a few bridal and bridesmaid dresses that caught my eye.

So as I have mentioned, the Ancaster Wedding show is many firsts: my first wedding show, and of course my first time trying on the gowns for the big day. It was a weird experience, let me tell you. It really was an eye-opener, a bring you to reality moment, but not in a bad way. It just woke me up from this reverie of engagement-land and launched me into marriage-ville. It was a bit of a shock, and not just for me, but I think my mother too. She looked so teary eyed and happy for me. I definitely didn’t think that the person staring at me in the mirror was me.


Lastly I want to bring up something, another first that I have heard of. It is called a cupcake dive. Basically five ( or rather four) bride to be’s were selected to tear through a mountain of cupcakes in search of a ring, that would give this lucky bride to be money towards a wedding band ( for bride and groom). The idea is neat and unique and totally messy. It looked like loads of fun and I wish I could have been a part of it.

So there you have it, my first-ever Wedding show. I hope you enjoyed relieving the experience through my blog posts, and I am more than happy to share my input on all the various exhibitors. Until next time !Image