My new Sam Edleman boots that I simply adore.

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Falling for Fashion

September means that fall is right around the corner, meaning colder weather is coming already. So girls get your fall clothes out of your closet and go shopping for some of the latest trends of the season. Wear something that you love and bring it in style. For me I have a few new pieces that I have added to my closet this year. It all happened when I was visiting my grandparents. I went downtown ( in their small town) and found a new shop that carries all these awesome clothes.


First was a really cute purple knitted top from David Button. I am really going to love wearing this lovely bright colour with black pants or even regular jeans. Looking on the David Button website, I notice that it also comes in grey, for those of you who aren’t purple fans. I love having this top added to my collection because I love purple so much and I think this will definitely add some colour to my fall wardrobe. In keeping with colours, I see that bright colours are really becoming a trend this fall season, so this top will definitely pop some colour with my bottoms.

Close-up of the top

The next article of clothing that I am adding to  my wardrobe this year is a see-through blouse with a cute pattern. It may not be as colourful as the first top, but I still think it will add a pop to my wardrobe. What is cool about this top is that I can have either a white or black tank-top underneath it to change things up once in a while. This top is from a company called Lavande. I really think this will be an amazing addition to my closet.

Top from Lavande.. Shown with sweater.

Another new piece of clothing is a grey sweater that nicely compliments the above top ( from Lavande). ┬áNext, I thought I would talk of accessories. I always seem to lack in the accessories department, I have never really liked wearing necklaces all that much. This season, I swore to myself to try and wear more accessories. I don’t own that many, so I may have to go buy some, but for the time being, I am going to use what I do have. I have recently started wearing a necklace and a few bangles. The necklace was a gift from a friend and I finally decided that I should start wearing it. The bangles are also a gift, so I try to incorporate them with what I am wearing.

So with what I have so far, this fall is looking to be a promising season fashion-wise. Share your fall fashions with me in the comments, I ‘d love to hear everyone’s different styles.


Necklace.. my new daily accessory