Feeling blue…berry


So this is my new, (well relatively new) favorite or rather my summer favorite tea-wise. I just absolutely love everything about blueberries, pie, pancakes, bagels, muffins…. I could just go on forever when it comes to that one word. What I never expected was to find a love of blueberries in tea. Weird eh? ( something Canadians always say :P) So this just happened to be the tea of the day when I went into David’s Tea earlier this summer. I was just shopping in the mall and decided to fill up on the tea of the day. While me and my fiancée were strolling the mall and sipping on this drink, we fell in love… with the tea instantly. We basically downed this so fast and went back to David’s Tea to fill up on more. While we were there, it only seemed logical to buy some in a tin to take home, so we did just that.

Remember my earlier post about iced tea? Well this is the tea that me and my fiancée kept brewing up this summer. The flavor of this tea is just so scrumptious and the smell is just divine. This was definitely the go-to tea of the summer, and it tastes good both iced and hot… so it’s perfect for all year round. Even better news now is that this amazing tea has just been added to the permanent collection of David’s Tea, so it will always be available. Happy Drinking! (Tea, of course)


Ps. Here’s the website to check out more info: http://www.davidstea.com/our-teas/black-tea/organic-blueberry-jam