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24 Days of Tea Summary and top teas

Hello everyone ! 

It was such an adventure to have a tea advent calendar, something that I want to have as a part of my holiday tradition. I got to enjoy some fave teas and try out some new ones. When my stuff starts to get low, I’ll be buying some of these teas to add to my collection. I thought I would share my top five teas (that I already own and ones I want to get). 


So my top 5 Teas that  I areadly own and love are: 

1) Santa’s Secret: who can resist a yummy christmas black tea decorated with candy-cane shaped peppermint candy? I just love this tea and the smell is just simply christmas. Plus the collectable tins are just so adorable and make me smile. So very festive for such a great time of the year. It is the christmas cup of cheer that is sung about. 

2) Buttered Rum: It was number 1 on the calendar for a reason. Everything about this tea is just perfect for me. It makes me think of adventure with pirates and smells so inviting. The flavour is surprisingly not too much, it is just right. It will always have a place in my tea cupboard. 

3) Cream of Earl Grey: So this is earl grey with a little something special. What’s not to like? No milk required here, it already tastes so nice and rich. 

4) Green and Fruity: The name says it all. The blend of green and red rooibos and all the fruity accompanments of this tea are a great sight to the eyes and carry a heavenly scent. Hot or cold, this tea is ready to go. 

5) Read my lips: This one was good to have becuase it gave this tea a second try. I love it with milk becuase it makes a nice hot-chocolate taste. So yummy. Cute lip-shaped candies are included. 


Top 5 Teas that I fell in love with: 

1) Kiwi’s Big Adventure: So I got blessed with this tea twice. Double the fun and adventure. It was so much fun watching this tea steep. The apples gave a nice fruity aroma to this tea. This will become part of my collection. 

2) Sweet Dreams: I really liked this one. I’m not a huge herbal gal, but this one has a certain something that is soothing and embracing. I will acquire this in my collection at some point. 

3) Toasted Walnut: The smell of this tea was just so inivting when I opened it. I liked the nutty falvour in the cup. 

4) David’s Organic breakfast: So this one is a basic black classic. I really like the wholeness of this one. 

5) Japanese Sencha: So this one had a weird smell at first, but then came the love. The taste is just refreshing. Reminded me of genmaicha in a way. It is a different taste to the classic green tea.