2014 Resolutions

Good afternoon fellow tea fans!

I haven’t been all too active these past few months due to being busy with my university studies. I thought it would be fitting for my first blog post of the year to be one about my resolutions that I intend to have for 2014. First off, I will present my list of 2013 tea-solutions and then my list for 2014.

2013 Resolutions

  1. Read books on tea: So, with this resolution, I have been reading some books on tea this past year. I have learned quite a few new things on the subject of tea. 
  2. Try out wulong tea: So I ventured and tried something new.I like Wulong/ oolong teas. I haven had quite the experience with this tea. I think it’s now safe to say that I am in a phase of adoring everything thing oolong.
  3. Try out Pu er teas:I tried this tea and wasn’t the biggest fan of it. I don’t mind the flavored pu ers from David’s Tea, it’s the straight ones that I just cannot stand.
  4. Visit Tealish: This was the only resolution that I was unable to complete. Maybe I’ll have better luck checking out this place this year.
  5. Have a Tea Journal: So I made a tea journal, so I can keep a record of the teas that that I have consumed. I found this experience very fun and will continue this the is year.
  6. Attend the Toronto Tea Festival: This tea festival was extremely fun and enriching. I sadly won’t be able to attend the 2014 tea festival due to being out of town for my studies. I promise to go to the one in 2015.
  7. Try baking with tea: So this past year, I have baked with tea and used tea in cocktails. I will continue to do this in 2014.
  8. Go on tea-ventures: This past year, I have had many fun experiences going on tea-ventures. It really deepens my appreciation for many different cafes and tea companies. I wish to continue pursing these tea-ventures. I want to incorporate tea-ventures into any vacations I go on this year.


2014 resolutions:

Last year, I made some resolutions that concerned tea, or rather tea-solutions. This year, I thought that I would include tea in my resolutions, but also I have some others that are just resolutions. 2014 for me is a big year and therefore I have some big changes that I want to make.

  1. Go herbal with my tea: This year I want to continue consuming all my delicious teas, but I would love to drink more herbal and caffeine-free teas. I have a sensitive stomach, and therefore sometimes I cannot drink regular tea. If I embrace herbal teas, I can drink tea no matter what.
  2. Blog more: I haven’t been the most active on my blog recently, and I would love to fix that. Life can get busy, but I feel that I should at least be able to have 1 blog post a month. I will for sure try to have more, but depending on the time, 1 blog post a month would be a sufficient goal to have.
  3. Read more: even though I’m in school right now, I’d love to designate myself some reading time so that I can read more books this year. I feel that every school year, I lose the passion for reading. I feel like if I forced myself to devote a bit of time every day to read, then I could fall in love with it even when I’m busy.
  4. Go local with tea: even though I like the big name companies like David’s Tea and Kusmi tea ( just to name a few), I am trying to also appreciate local flavour. I have started this already, so I would just like to continue appreciating the local variety.
  5. Baking with tea: just like last year, I want to continue finding ways of incorporating tea into my recipes.
  6. Continue with tea-ventures: this goes hand in hand with my search for local tea companies .
  7. Lose weight and be more healthy: I know this is a generic resolution made by countless people, but this year is very important for me. I will be getting married, and therefore I want to strive to be more healthy by eating good and losing some weight in a healthy manner. With this weight loss, I also strive to reduce my stress with being more healthy.


Best of luck towards your resolutions!




Welcome and Hello !

Being my first post, I thought it would be appropriate for some greetings and introductions. First things first, My name is Brigitte and I’m from Canada. I am a photographer and Teacher in the making. I have never formally taken lessons in photography, but I am willing, ready and able to learn new things. I have recently bought a book that I hope will help me further on this exciting endeavour. For me photography is capturing the beauty and wonders around me so that I may share them with others. I really enjoy having a camera in my hands and just letting the world open up in front of me.

I am also a devoted fan to the wonderful world of tea. I have a fascination with tea and the many wonderful flavours I just haven’t gotten around to yet. I have recently fallen head over heels with two different tea companies. One is Canadian, David’s Tea, so I’m showing my national pride. The other is called Kusmi Tea, which originated in Russia, but is now in France. To add to this list, I love books, video games, and Dance. I will definitely be sharing my amazing and interesting reads with all, because literature is meant to be shared and enjoyed. I have a passion for dance and hope to learn professionally one day. I also love travelling and embarking on new adventures.

I am also a romantic. I believe in love, that it exists. That said recently engaged, so I’m on the journey to marriage… the happily ever after. Do be prepared to be a part of my stressful but also hopefully enjoyable planning of the wedding… which is still quite a while away.

So here`s me in a nutshell…. enjoy !!! Image